Understanding Attachment Styles

"Why Did I Do That?"

Feel More In Control by Understanding Attachment Styles

Presented by Christy O’Shoney

Everyone experiences moments of feeling out of control. At times you may find yourself lashing out at others for seemingly trivial reasons. Or maybe you notice that you withdraw from those you love, even though you’re not sure why. Whatever the case may be, it’s likely you’ve asked yourself at one point or another – “Why did I do that?”

One useful way to understand our perplexing behaviors is by looking at them through the lens of attachment. Attachment refers to the way in which our experiences with caretakers early in life may impact our sense of safety and security later on. In other words, your reactions to certain situations may have a lot to do with the environment in which you were raised. Understanding the role attachment plays in your daily life can help you become more compassionate towards yourself when you behave in ways that seem inexplicable to you. Additionally, recognizing your attachment style can help you feel less stuck in the past and more secure in the present. 

Tune into this webinar to:
- Learn about the foundational ideas of attachment theory and how early life experiences may still be affecting you
- Identify your own attachment style
- Understand how your attachment style may be impacting your relationships (romantic, platonic, or even your professional relationships)
- Discover ways to increase your sense of safety so that you can feel more in control of your behaviors moving forward


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