EFT Couples Videos

Couples Therapy that is based on attachment bonding research and science. It offers a map and steps to show what matters in intimate relationships and how to create secure and satisfying intimacy, trust and safety.

This talk explains how EFT can help a couple learn to talk about problems with each other in a way that moves them closer together rather than further apart. They can learn how to work as a team within a safe and secure bond.

Scientific test that shows that love is a safety cue that calms the neurons in our brain. When we are able to make better emotional connection with our partner we can change the way our brain responds to threat and pain.


Four laws of love that show , love is the doorway to greater happiness, health and strength.
See more videos by Dr. Sue Johnson on her YouTube Channel

A talk about how to reassure and deeply connect with the person you love.

Edie Brickell - i get mean from mm1 on Vimeo.

Dr.Sue Johnson and Dr.Ed Tronick (Love Sense:Adult and Infant Attachment)

A ten minute video with Dr Ed Tronick - one of the foremost experts in how babies interact with their mothers to build loving bonds, the common ground shared by infant and adult bonds. And how this common ground has so much to say to us about the make or break moments in romantic love relationships.  


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