• "Helpful and honest. Listens and help to work toward a solution."
    Greg F
  • "Sue is great to work with. She helped me through a difficult time and was even available to Skype at very short notice."
    Jeni B
  • "One of the best therapists in the State of Connecticut. She has assisted my clients in very difficult and sensitive cases involving domestic violence, adultery and adolescents in crisis and she handled every case with compassion, grace and exceptional skill. Hire her!"
    Mark S
  • "Working with Susan resulted in dramatic improvements to my mental health. Her approach provides an ideal level of guidance while still allowing for individual growth. I feel blessed to have begun working with Susan and would recommend her highly to anyone looking for a partner in improving mental health outcomes"
    Michael T
  • "Sue is beyond incredible with her expertise. Her cognitive skills and professional demeanor conveyed exceptionalism and was 100% on point. Initially I didn't think anyone could unravel my personal experience and emotions; nevertheless I stand corrected. Sue changed my life and perception for the better. I feel much more happier, stronger and more important than ever. I think of Sue daily with good thoughts! Thank you for a new life Sue!! You are truly the BEST!"
    Aneela K
  • "Sue is an exceptionally talented therapist. She is insightful and has a tremendous capacity for listening behind and beyond spoken words. She helped me translate emotional experiences into patterns that made sense and clarified potential paths toward resolution. I recommend Sue very highly for anyone, or any couple, experiencing difficulty in her/his or their life together. I am deeply grateful for her help."
    Hope C
  • "Susan gets to the core of the issue with precision and warmth. She navigates couples' progress toward their goals with her high level of skills, and her clear concept of what is needed at each moment."
    Ivy G
  • "I've worked with Sue Brenner in both couples and individual therapy. I can't recommend her enough. Her caring nature and directness have helped me understand and move more gracefully though a number of emotional life events. Thank you Sue!"
    Frank L
  • "I have worked with Sue for over 5 years and through that time experienced immense personal growth. She is no-nonsense, compassionate and attentive."
    Finley W
  • "Susan has helped me immensely, mostly by giving me the tools to help myself."
    Jeff B
  • "Susan's compassion, insight, and guidance are remarkable. Her down to earth manner, and confidence that this too will pass are inspiring. I wholeheartedly recommend her and wish I could find the words to adequately express my appreciation."
    Joe P

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