Attachment-Based Couples Therapy

How do attachment styles affect romantic relationships

Not all romantic relationships can pan out the same way due to the different existing attachment styles. For example, people with secure attachments are satisfied with their partners and feel safe, loved, and connected. 

On the other hand, individuals with an anxious attachment style are quite clingy and insecure. Some of their inactions can discourage their partner.

Those with avoidant attachment tend to feel independent without needing their partner’s emotional support. The disorganized attachment style is characterized by craving emotional bonds and not wanting them simultaneously. Such individuals tend to be indecisive about what they want in a relationship

According to the attachment definition, adults with a secure attachment style express their emotions without holding back. They can be independent and dependent, and their partners can always rely on them. Such relationships are built on love, honesty, and emotional proximity.

Concerning the anxious attachment style, people wired like this often seek their partner’s support and approval. Even though they value their partner and the relationship, they often worry that their partners are not as committed as they are.

People with the avoidant attachment style are mostly independent, strong-willed, and lone rangers. Such people believe that their relationship is just one of the aspects of their lives. They avoid depending on their partner and are good at hiding their feelings. 

Lastly, fearful-avoidant people have issues depending on their partner. They do not want to get too emotionally invested in avoiding getting hurt.

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