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Couples Articles and Questions

An EFT Roadmap for Couples by P. LaDouceur and V. Kallos-Lilly
Click here to access or download the PDF document


Couples Therapy Articles

Healing from Affairs/Infidelity
An affair is a personal betrayal, a relationship injury that has many stages of healing. 

Falling in the "Black Hole" of the Negative Cycle
This is a description of what it is like to be caught in negative cycles of interaction

The Couple Who Lost Their Zing
Story about a couple who lost their zesty and sexual feelings

Conflict Control Strategies
Monitor and change your conflict control strategies

Spiritual Sex: The Transformative Power of Feeling Safe  by Linda Savage 

Three Pillars of a Loving Relationship by Rabbi Josh Marder

Masters of Love by Emily Esfahani Smith

Love Sense - The Science of Love with Sue Johnson

Couples Questionnaires

Questionnaire: Just Friends or an Emotional Affair?

Questionnaire: Is Your On-Line Friendship Too Friendly?

Questionnaire: The Relationship Vulnerability Map



Couple Satisfaction Survey - 
This form rates the level of satisfaction in various parts of a couples life

Individual Problem Checklist - 
This form is a survey of individual symptoms and problems.

When We Are Not Getting Along: My Feelings, Thoughts, and Behaviors Checklist - 
This is a survey of a partner's feelings, thoughts and behaviors when the couple is not getting alone.

Understanding Your Negative Cycle - 
This form helps partners identify their reaction patterns and negative cycles of interactions



According to psychologist Mary Ainsworth, attachment "may be defined as an affectional tie that one person or animal forms between himself and another specific one - a tie that binds them together in space and endures over time." Attachment is not just a connection between two people; it is a bond that involves a desire for regular contact with that person and the experience of distress during separation from that person."


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