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As a psychiatrist I find that friends frequently seek me out to discuss problematic events in their lives; it comes with the territory and I’m usually happy to do it. But I was surprised and shaken to hear from an old friend that her husband of nearly 25 years had long been accruing and hiding from her a huge credit card debt (in the six figures). Even after divulging his secret....
What does this mean? Mindfulness is awareness that arises from paying attention in the present moment and is non judgmental. We have no training in mindfulness all we have is training in thinking, This is about being present, heartfelt and paying attention to thoughts and embracing them with affectionate attention. Knowing that we are already whole, there is no place to go, and best to start where we are....
I regularly work with individuals and couples who have addiction problems. I use these therapeutic approaches: AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), EFT (Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy) and AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy). ...
Shame is often hidden underneath anger causing one to overreact, raging at their wife/husband, escalating from 0 to 1000. We are actually getting angry in order to not feel shame in moments of feeling dismissed, discounted or abandoned. Shame is a universal emotion that affects everyone and a powerful freeze state directly related to trauma. It freezes the body and the brain, making it impossible to think clearly...
A mood disorder that has varied symptoms from one person to another. It is a problem that can affect many different aspects of a person’s life. It can affect the body and generate physical symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue, appetite disturbance, diminished sex drive and anxiety. It can affect the mind interfering with the ability to think clearly, notice and remember details and make good decisions. It can affect emotions causing feelings of sadness, despair, worthlessness and apathy. It can affect behavior leading to alcohol or drug abuse, suicide attempts and other self destructive behaviors. It can affect interpersonal relationships leading to anger, aggression, withdrawal and marital/family distress.
Trauma affects development in many ways and here are three problem areas. Issues with attention (ADD, ADHD), affect regulation (anger/rage/apathy) and relationship issues. It is not about the memory of the trauma it is about the formation of the self, the brain, the mind and bonding with others that is affected by traumatic experiences.
With onset typically in the middle teens, Social Phobia is a fear of appearing clumsy, silly, or shameful and of having this behavior observed by others.
A condition where one has panic attacks without warning. A panic attack usually lasts several minutes and is extremely upsetting and frightening. A panic attack is often followed by feelings of depression and helplessness.
A common disorder that can be difficult to diagnose, because the symptoms are relatively unfocused; nervousness is low-key and chronic, and there are no panic attacks. If you have this disorder you are always thinking and dwelling on “what if” for every situation. You can feel trapped in a cycle of anxiety and worry. One often becomes depressed about life and your inability to stop worrying.
Obsessions are recurrent thoughts, beliefs, or ideas that dominate a person’s thought content. They persist despite the fact that the person believes they are unrealistic and may try to resist them.
Severe anxiety triggered by memories of a past traumatic event. Victims are survivors of combat, rape victims, sexual abuse, sudden serious illness or death or spouse or child.
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